March 8, 2015

The robbery made me feel unsafe

It has taken me a few days to actually talk to everyone I wanted to talk to after the experience on friday one week ago. And now I'm ready to share the same it with you.

My intention is not to scare anyone by posting this. It's a way for me to get it out of my system, and also tell you about the stupidness of walking in the dark, especially in a country you are not familiar with. I will at least look over my shoulder twice when I walk around now.

Our last friday in Botswana, the last day of blogging in Bots, me and another girl got robbed. It had just turned dark, and we were thinking we would be safe the two minutes we had to walk without street lights. That was not the case. After ten metres we heard running behind us. I can only remember someone saying "Faen." - later I got to know that that someone was me - before we turned and saw four boys in their late teens running up to get us.
The oldest drew up something, we assume it was a knife, and threathened my friend with it. . One of the others approached me and tried to take my back pack and took my upper arms in his grip How tightly, I don't know. The adrenaline rush was so strong. The last two just stayed in the back, watching. My friends' reaction was clever, she yelled twice: "Take it, just take it!", referring to her purse. Everything to avoid getting hurt. The second time she yelled, the boy who held me loosened his grip to see what was happening to his friend. I then got the element of surprise on my side and hit him as hard as I could in the jaw. He stepped back, and I kept on screaming, furiously, to keep him away.
When they got her purse, they all ran away.

They didn't manage to hurt us, but it still stings. The feeling of us not knowing what they wanted to do to us, was almost the worst part. Why we walked in the dark that evening? As time went by in the village we lived in, we felt more familiar with the place and we had lowered our guards. We hoped and assumed everything would be fine.

The only thing I want to do now is to relax in Mozambique (arrived two days ago). So if someone feel the need to talk to me, do it after my vacation, please. I'm really starting to feel fine again. I'm so relaxed that I've even fallen asleep on the beach several times today.

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  1. Så leit å høre! Dessverre er ikke alle steder like trygge som Norge (og ikke alle steder i Norge er like trygge heller, selv om jeg vil påstå det meste er nokså trygt)! Jeg synes det er veldig fint at du deler dette også, og ikke bare de positive opplevelsene, for det er jo tross alt en del av erfaringen dette også. Kos dere så mye dere klarer de siste dagene! :)