February 16, 2015

Life in Mochudi, Botswana, be like

...someone in your house have to chase cows every night to keep them from entering your backyard. Tonight that someone was me. I bet I looked damn pretty in my training shoes, long blue socks, a summer dress and a head light running, clapping and screaming. Cows in the dark are way more scary than cows in daylight. I promise.

...you can learn a new language just by inviting curious kids into your own backyard. My setswana is really improving these days. I've even found similarities between xhosa (which I learned a bit of in South Africa (link) and setswana).

... the internet connection is best by the fence outside your house

...the broccoli is almost eaten up from the inside before you start to eat it yourself. Haha, that sounded much worse than it actually looks - but I still have in spare to buy one where I can eat more than a third of it.

...there are scorpions in your backyard. Check!

...there are no street names in the villages so you get lost easily.

...the starry sky is more amazing than you have ever seen. Tonight I'll be sleeping out on the roof for the third time. Falling asleep under the stars with a fresh breeze touching my feet is the best.

...the heat inside your house drives you out, and a beetle at the size of a baby's shoe sends you right back in again.

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