February 22, 2015

Warreng? What's up? Skjer'a?

I did get sunburned today, but at least I have learned to keep my eyes closed when there are sandstorms at evening time. I sit out every night, just writing my diary, chatting with people back home on my computer or just chillin'. It's me, Ingvill, Garrett and the insects out on the stoop.

You should have seen how the largest cockroach speeded up when Ingvill sprayed insect spray on it. That I even blog about this shows you how little you can experience when the dark has arrived - and to be honest, there ain't much to see at daytime either. Maputo and Botswana most definitely has it's charm, but in my opinion there is something missing. In the afternoon here people at my age just stay out talking or making music. And in the weekend they drink. There are no outdoor activities offered. The one and only place where it actually is water it is forbidden to even row a boat.  I've talked to a university student here, which played softballl, but I believe that the team he plays for is located in Gabs. 

This picture was taken when we were waiting for the bus home from Airport Junction, a shopping centre about an hour away from Mochudi. These three university students just showed up, and we ended up taking a "private" combi together with one of them. The combi reached Mochudi on half the time the bus would have taken us.

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