February 12, 2015

The storm of thousand jets

There's a heat wave in Botswana at the moment. The cold water is hot, the sweat is pooring so much that not even the insect repellent will stick to our skin, we have to put our water bottles in the freezer - not the fridge - to actually get cold water, and it's a lot warmer inside than outside of "the white house". The local newspaper said last weekend that it would last 'til next thursday. It gets up to about thirtynine degrees celsius every day now, and even the tutors we work with says that they never have experienced such a hot summer.

(The rest of the Botswana-group is still living in Gabs, we (the group of five) now live in Mochudi - a village about an hour north of Gabs. The people in Gabs have a swimming pool, we don't...)

The title refers to the heavy thunderstorm we've had the last couple of days. It sounds like we live next to a military training airbase. It started on saturday, and has been present almost every evening since then. Monday was the worst day. It was also the day when we we're eight people who decided to go hiking Kgale Hill. I've never been so wet and so scared of the lightning in my whole life. It started to rain heavily just minutes before we reached the top, and the lightning danced around us all the way down again. At the foot of the Hill, all of us gathered around big truck tires while we we're waiting for our taxi drivers, who, of course, came late. I wasn't that scared walking down the hill while the lightning struck, but waiting at the foot of the hill - I will not do that again. I'll try to upload a video so you can see, and hear, for yourself when the internet line is more stable (I'm online at the internet of our neighbour, the priest).

Me and Julie on the top of Kgale Hill. We had to take a selfie to get a picture on the top. The rest were hiding in the shelter of a tree.

Our goal is to get up to the top at sunrise one day. Imagine how beautiful that would be!

Note: the pictures posted are not edited - last time I did that on this computer every picture ended up yellow-isj because of the blue color on the screen. Every pictures is taken by me, unless anything else is stated.

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  1. Gøy!! Eller.. kanskje ikke gøy da, men gøy å høre om! Fine bilder også, og ja.. en soloppgang der oppe hadde nok vært helt fantastisk :D