February 17, 2015


It is so strange to actually think that this is a part of my life now. Me, living in Mochudi, a small village in Botswana, far away from anything. And I'm not here just for a vacation. This travel is a part of the bachelors degree I'm taking at Oslo and Akershus University College. We, the group of five, have about seventy pages to write when we get back home.
Some would feel quite lonesome here, but I do like it. It is boring at sometimes, because there is not even a pool nearby - and the shower gives you only lukewarm water, but the beauty of a real southern african village makes it so worth it. I'm even getting along with the insects  by now. Who would have thought? If something is crawling on me, I just sweep it off - except for the baby shoe bug, that is. The cockroaches still creep me out.
One of the next days I'll try to drag my down to the "centre" to take pictures for you. I would love to show you my neighbourhood. Living life african style is coming to me. The one and only thing that still irritates me is that you can't make an agreement about meeting up somewhere without taking in count that the other person will be late.

Heute habe ich ein bisschen Deutsch gesprochen. Dass finde ich toll. 

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  1. Det er fantastisk med slike muligheter! Satt faktisk nettopp og lurte på hva du egentlig gjorde der nede, så takk for oppklaringen! Jeg tror man har skikkelig godt av å kjede seg litt. Jeg tror vi burde kjede oss mye mer, så bare fortsett med det! Gleder meg til å se bildene :)