February 26, 2015

Somewhat normal?

Sometimes I feel like living in Mochudi is a real test of my patience.

Today I got up. I then walked a few kilometers with Henri and Ingvill.

Then I ate some banana pancakes with apple and pear.

Me and Lena held an interview, which went completely fine.

After the interview I had some banana pancakes with mabele in the mix.

Henri, Ingvill and me bought ice cream.

I sewed my dress and ate chicken for dinner.

We, the people in "the white house", watched a movie. The first one since I got here. And I cried.

Before I went to bed I had some more pancakes - also included rice flour this time.

And it goes on and on and on.


  1. Haha! Veldig innholdsrike dager med andre ord :P

    Klem fra Helenebestis <3

  2. Sounds like it's all tremendously interesting. :P I sense a tad bit of over-dramatization, in the negative sense, but it's just a new way of life to get used to. It must feel liberating to be able to watch the time fly by instead of the opposite scenario. :) I bet you'll get baffled by the complete submissive attitude the people from 'the West' has adopted in regards of time when you get back home. Time flows just as fast in Aberdeen as it does in Norway, which is a big disadvantage when the essay period, which is now, suddenly decends upon the unworthy (= me).
    Maybe you can use your newfound space to freshen up your German or French skills? :) Tid er relativt, u know. :p