February 8, 2015

Problems in Gabs

We eat all the time. The main activity during the day is going to the local Spar store.
We struggle to kill some time before our field work starts in Mochudi, tuesday. There ain't much of activity offers - hence our eating. One of the three things Lonely Planet recommends is to kill some time at the national museum (It took us one hour today).
It's hard to start with an assesment when we don't even know the topic question before we have been there at least a few days.

And that's about it. No more problems in Gabs. The bright side of Gabs will be served for you tomorrow, my friends.

Henriette, me and Kjersti out for a run in the heat half past ten. It was impossible to step up the pace. I was done after poor eleven minutes...
Tomorrow we will go hiking Kgale Hill, and after the groupe of thirteen will go out to dinner. Eirin is making banana pancakes right now so this is Lena writing. Hellooo!!

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  1. Hello Lena! Jaja, det er jo ikke så ille å spise, og snart har dere sikkert mer enn nok å sette fingrene i :D