February 3, 2015

Peaceful Botswana

I sat in a wooden chair with my pale feet out on the stone ground while having breakfast this morning. It was about 25 degrees celsius in the shade, and in that moment I didn't miss winter-Norway at all. 

Even though it is a big city, the only thing that makes noise in Gaborone is the cars. Everything else is just quiet.So quiet. Gaborone is extraordinary green for being a desert country, and there are surprisingly big distances between the buildings. I really didn't think I would here the birds sing in what is supposed to be one of the many city centres. It is also nice to see a new country - so far is Botswana nothing similar to any country I've been to. I'm really looking forward to see what the next weeks will bring. 

PS: Due to what Henriette now is saying, this is going to be a good night. She said that nothing can go wrong since we are going to a lonely planet recommended restaurant... 

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