February 15, 2015

Ntlo e tshweu*

*The white house

I love living in the little white house in Mochudi. I find it quite nice to have just a small social circle - it makes me really relaxed and able to soak in everything that is special with the little village that Mochudi is. This is living life Africa style - living in Gabs wasn't (at least not for me). Me and Ingvill share the house together with two american guys in their twenties. They are both really nice.

This morning I joined the ceremony in the catholic church right in the neighbourhood. I ended up standing together with an old old lady who was so into everything. She had the sweetest alto/tenor voice and knew all the lyrics to all of the hymns. She also directed all the kids in the back that couldn't keep still. We danced together, and she prayed for me. Ninety percent of the ceremony were in setswana, so I didn't get that much. But all the singing and dancing they do is always nice. It makes me really happy. It's not one of those ceremonies which I had to attend back home when I was fifteen. If you travel - visit the church of your destination, it can give you so much and you will get into contact with people you definitely will remember.

So long for now - I'm going to find a pool - this heat wave is taking its toll on me.

My group of five at Stepping Stones the day the US embassador came to visit.

Is there something you would like to know about Botswana, living in Mochudi or anything else? 

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