February 24, 2015

Everything turns out well for good girls

Haha. We've been so lucky with our latest rides back home at evening time. Today we got home from Airport Junction getting a ride with one of the guys who waitered at one of the bars there. We wanted just to ask for a cab, but when they heard that we were heading back for Mochudi, they told us that it would be very expensive, so one of them offered to drive us instead. Go karma. I got a smoothie and fish_for_dinner (Botswana is all about cow's meat and not that supreme vegetables) so this was a mouthwatering dinner. Sooo satisfied.

I'll will also have to admit that I stayed in my bed until lunch time today. The only time I got up was when I made pancakes, which I, of course, brought back to bed to eat. What a day.
Tomorrow and the following days will be all about interviews and finishing our work at Stepping Stones (google it), before we head back to Gabs for one last night in Botswana thursdag next week.

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