February 5, 2015

Dumela! (Hello)

Today was moving day. For the next week we have upgraded to a to floor apartment and a swimming pool. With extra pressure on the swimming pool. I love it, even though the water is quite dirty. Mmm. The refridgerator is also upgraded, so now we actually have a place to store our vegetables. I made my own dinner tonight. Yey! I'm not saying that eating out isn't nice, but with so many allergies, I have gotten the last two years, it's much more easy (and cheaper) to make my own food. The only thing we miss now are a fifth duvey and a pillow - that was clearly hard to obtain...

I'm still not sunburned, I've started to get a little tan, and the insects have also been quite nice to me. Except for one spider the first night, who gave me two lovely red purpleish circles, one about ten centimeter in diameter, on my right leg.

Last night all thirtheen of us had a braai (bbq) in the garden of the guest house we left. And I'm not surprised if the monkeys in the garden this morning found our leftovers.

Todays Henriette: "Google translate doesn't even have setswana. Stupid google."

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  1. Liker å vite alle disse tingene! det virker som du har det relativt greit da :D