April 14, 2015


Whilst reading articles for our group paper I came across this:
"Moroto wa esi ga o elele", meaning "One person's urine does not flow". It's a tswana proverb saying that one person's effort doesn't have noticeable impact. We don't have to many proverbs here in Norway which inlcudes urine. Botswana, Botswana...
And if you actually like the meaning, here's another one, without the flow of urine:
"Kgetsi ta tsie e kgonwa ke go tshwaraganelwa" meaning "team work bears more fruit than individual effort".

I will be back shortly. I promise. I'll give you full updates on what has happened since I left Mozambique, and I will also include some more pictures from our vacation. Stay tuned!

March 8, 2015

The robbery made me feel unsafe

It has taken me a few days to actually talk to everyone I wanted to talk to after the experience on friday one week ago. And now I'm ready to share the same it with you.

My intention is not to scare anyone by posting this. It's a way for me to get it out of my system, and also tell you about the stupidness of walking in the dark, especially in a country you are not familiar with. I will at least look over my shoulder twice when I walk around now.

Our last friday in Botswana, the last day of blogging in Bots, me and another girl got robbed. It had just turned dark, and we were thinking we would be safe the two minutes we had to walk without street lights. That was not the case. After ten metres we heard running behind us. I can only remember someone saying "Faen." - later I got to know that that someone was me - before we turned and saw four boys in their late teens running up to get us.
The oldest drew up something, we assume it was a knife, and threathened my friend with it. . One of the others approached me and tried to take my back pack and took my upper arms in his grip How tightly, I don't know. The adrenaline rush was so strong. The last two just stayed in the back, watching. My friends' reaction was clever, she yelled twice: "Take it, just take it!", referring to her purse. Everything to avoid getting hurt. The second time she yelled, the boy who held me loosened his grip to see what was happening to his friend. I then got the element of surprise on my side and hit him as hard as I could in the jaw. He stepped back, and I kept on screaming, furiously, to keep him away.
When they got her purse, they all ran away.

They didn't manage to hurt us, but it still stings. The feeling of us not knowing what they wanted to do to us, was almost the worst part. Why we walked in the dark that evening? As time went by in the village we lived in, we felt more familiar with the place and we had lowered our guards. We hoped and assumed everything would be fine.

The only thing I want to do now is to relax in Mozambique (arrived two days ago). So if someone feel the need to talk to me, do it after my vacation, please. I'm really starting to feel fine again. I'm so relaxed that I've even fallen asleep on the beach several times today.

March 7, 2015

Life in Mozambique: Praia do Tofo

It took us twelve hours (everyone had told us seven/eight) in a crowded mini bus made for chinese people (the seats were so small!) and a tire change to get to Tofo, but we're finally here now. We have rented our own little tree house with a private veranda overlooking Praia do Tofo (Tofo beach). Tonight I will fall asleep to the white noise of the waves.

- Beautiful, isn't it?

February 26, 2015

Somewhat normal?

Sometimes I feel like living in Mochudi is a real test of my patience.

Today I got up. I then walked a few kilometers with Henri and Ingvill.

Then I ate some banana pancakes with apple and pear.

Me and Lena held an interview, which went completely fine.

After the interview I had some banana pancakes with mabele in the mix.

Henri, Ingvill and me bought ice cream.

I sewed my dress and ate chicken for dinner.

We, the people in "the white house", watched a movie. The first one since I got here. And I cried.

Before I went to bed I had some more pancakes - also included rice flour this time.

And it goes on and on and on.

February 25, 2015

"You are not truly friends until you have gone poop-hunting together."

Ancient Norwegian adige:

"You are not truly friends until you have gone poop hunting together."

Signed Garrett.

This saturday a few of us drove out on adventure. We needed to get out of the house. We packed food, a ukulele, chairs and some good mood, we found the dam we were searching for, and there was almost also a small lake. It was all so quiet, the only thing you could hear were the cows, the waders down by the lake, and the burning cowpoop-fire we made. Dried cowpoop makes the best fire. I promise.

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February 24, 2015

Everything turns out well for good girls

Haha. We've been so lucky with our latest rides back home at evening time. Today we got home from Airport Junction getting a ride with one of the guys who waitered at one of the bars there. We wanted just to ask for a cab, but when they heard that we were heading back for Mochudi, they told us that it would be very expensive, so one of them offered to drive us instead. Go karma. I got a smoothie and fish_for_dinner (Botswana is all about cow's meat and not that supreme vegetables) so this was a mouthwatering dinner. Sooo satisfied.

I'll will also have to admit that I stayed in my bed until lunch time today. The only time I got up was when I made pancakes, which I, of course, brought back to bed to eat. What a day.
Tomorrow and the following days will be all about interviews and finishing our work at Stepping Stones (google it), before we head back to Gabs for one last night in Botswana thursdag next week.

February 22, 2015

Warreng? What's up? Skjer'a?

I did get sunburned today, but at least I have learned to keep my eyes closed when there are sandstorms at evening time. I sit out every night, just writing my diary, chatting with people back home on my computer or just chillin'. It's me, Ingvill, Garrett and the insects out on the stoop.

You should have seen how the largest cockroach speeded up when Ingvill sprayed insect spray on it. That I even blog about this shows you how little you can experience when the dark has arrived - and to be honest, there ain't much to see at daytime either. Maputo and Botswana most definitely has it's charm, but in my opinion there is something missing. In the afternoon here people at my age just stay out talking or making music. And in the weekend they drink. There are no outdoor activities offered. The one and only place where it actually is water it is forbidden to even row a boat.  I've talked to a university student here, which played softballl, but I believe that the team he plays for is located in Gabs. 

This picture was taken when we were waiting for the bus home from Airport Junction, a shopping centre about an hour away from Mochudi. These three university students just showed up, and we ended up taking a "private" combi together with one of them. The combi reached Mochudi on half the time the bus would have taken us.

Stupid, stupid girl

For some reason I didn't learn. My mom and my dad has taught me so well to stay out of the sun in the peak hours. I almost never get sunburned since I follow that rule - usually just on my nose, and in my face after the turkish hammam scrub, but today I definitely took the wrong decision when I layed down with an interesting book. The time just flew...

So yep.It's almost like art. I shouldn't even show you my bum.I am so stupid.

February 20, 2015

Sunny side of Mochudi

We expected a nice afternoon light to take pictures in, since the day had been so cloudy for once, but that didn't happen. The sun jumped out the exact same moment as we started to walk two days ago. So, this is it: The sunny side of Mochudi. My hometown for about twelve days more.

Q: How does my blog look like to you now? I'm trying to do something with this layout, but with the computer I travel with it's not easy to see how it actually turns out. Give me a heads up if there are some troubles or you have some good ideas.

February 18, 2015

This is how a sunburned girl looks like

And I even put on fifty twice.

And yeah - the nose: I crashed in to a tree the other day. The heat got me. I was too busy talking.

February 17, 2015


It is so strange to actually think that this is a part of my life now. Me, living in Mochudi, a small village in Botswana, far away from anything. And I'm not here just for a vacation. This travel is a part of the bachelors degree I'm taking at Oslo and Akershus University College. We, the group of five, have about seventy pages to write when we get back home.
Some would feel quite lonesome here, but I do like it. It is boring at sometimes, because there is not even a pool nearby - and the shower gives you only lukewarm water, but the beauty of a real southern african village makes it so worth it. I'm even getting along with the insects  by now. Who would have thought? If something is crawling on me, I just sweep it off - except for the baby shoe bug, that is. The cockroaches still creep me out.
One of the next days I'll try to drag my down to the "centre" to take pictures for you. I would love to show you my neighbourhood. Living life african style is coming to me. The one and only thing that still irritates me is that you can't make an agreement about meeting up somewhere without taking in count that the other person will be late.

Heute habe ich ein bisschen Deutsch gesprochen. Dass finde ich toll. 

February 16, 2015

Life in Mochudi, Botswana, be like

...someone in your house have to chase cows every night to keep them from entering your backyard. Tonight that someone was me. I bet I looked damn pretty in my training shoes, long blue socks, a summer dress and a head light running, clapping and screaming. Cows in the dark are way more scary than cows in daylight. I promise.

...you can learn a new language just by inviting curious kids into your own backyard. My setswana is really improving these days. I've even found similarities between xhosa (which I learned a bit of in South Africa (link) and setswana).

... the internet connection is best by the fence outside your house

...the broccoli is almost eaten up from the inside before you start to eat it yourself. Haha, that sounded much worse than it actually looks - but I still have in spare to buy one where I can eat more than a third of it.

...there are scorpions in your backyard. Check!

...there are no street names in the villages so you get lost easily.

...the starry sky is more amazing than you have ever seen. Tonight I'll be sleeping out on the roof for the third time. Falling asleep under the stars with a fresh breeze touching my feet is the best.

...the heat inside your house drives you out, and a beetle at the size of a baby's shoe sends you right back in again.

February 15, 2015

Ntlo e tshweu*

*The white house

I love living in the little white house in Mochudi. I find it quite nice to have just a small social circle - it makes me really relaxed and able to soak in everything that is special with the little village that Mochudi is. This is living life Africa style - living in Gabs wasn't (at least not for me). Me and Ingvill share the house together with two american guys in their twenties. They are both really nice.

This morning I joined the ceremony in the catholic church right in the neighbourhood. I ended up standing together with an old old lady who was so into everything. She had the sweetest alto/tenor voice and knew all the lyrics to all of the hymns. She also directed all the kids in the back that couldn't keep still. We danced together, and she prayed for me. Ninety percent of the ceremony were in setswana, so I didn't get that much. But all the singing and dancing they do is always nice. It makes me really happy. It's not one of those ceremonies which I had to attend back home when I was fifteen. If you travel - visit the church of your destination, it can give you so much and you will get into contact with people you definitely will remember.

So long for now - I'm going to find a pool - this heat wave is taking its toll on me.

My group of five at Stepping Stones the day the US embassador came to visit.

Is there something you would like to know about Botswana, living in Mochudi or anything else? 

February 13, 2015

Big dipper

tODAY I got lost when I went out running, I cleaned our house, and me and Ingvill took a dip in the biggest pool in the area afterwards.
tONIGHT we'll sleep on the roof.
Note: We also did some constructive work today.

February 12, 2015

The storm of thousand jets

There's a heat wave in Botswana at the moment. The cold water is hot, the sweat is pooring so much that not even the insect repellent will stick to our skin, we have to put our water bottles in the freezer - not the fridge - to actually get cold water, and it's a lot warmer inside than outside of "the white house". The local newspaper said last weekend that it would last 'til next thursday. It gets up to about thirtynine degrees celsius every day now, and even the tutors we work with says that they never have experienced such a hot summer.

(The rest of the Botswana-group is still living in Gabs, we (the group of five) now live in Mochudi - a village about an hour north of Gabs. The people in Gabs have a swimming pool, we don't...)

The title refers to the heavy thunderstorm we've had the last couple of days. It sounds like we live next to a military training airbase. It started on saturday, and has been present almost every evening since then. Monday was the worst day. It was also the day when we we're eight people who decided to go hiking Kgale Hill. I've never been so wet and so scared of the lightning in my whole life. It started to rain heavily just minutes before we reached the top, and the lightning danced around us all the way down again. At the foot of the Hill, all of us gathered around big truck tires while we we're waiting for our taxi drivers, who, of course, came late. I wasn't that scared walking down the hill while the lightning struck, but waiting at the foot of the hill - I will not do that again. I'll try to upload a video so you can see, and hear, for yourself when the internet line is more stable (I'm online at the internet of our neighbour, the priest).

Me and Julie on the top of Kgale Hill. We had to take a selfie to get a picture on the top. The rest were hiding in the shelter of a tree.

Our goal is to get up to the top at sunrise one day. Imagine how beautiful that would be!

Note: the pictures posted are not edited - last time I did that on this computer every picture ended up yellow-isj because of the blue color on the screen. Every pictures is taken by me, unless anything else is stated.

February 8, 2015

Problems in Gabs

We eat all the time. The main activity during the day is going to the local Spar store.
We struggle to kill some time before our field work starts in Mochudi, tuesday. There ain't much of activity offers - hence our eating. One of the three things Lonely Planet recommends is to kill some time at the national museum (It took us one hour today).
It's hard to start with an assesment when we don't even know the topic question before we have been there at least a few days.

And that's about it. No more problems in Gabs. The bright side of Gabs will be served for you tomorrow, my friends.

Henriette, me and Kjersti out for a run in the heat half past ten. It was impossible to step up the pace. I was done after poor eleven minutes...
Tomorrow we will go hiking Kgale Hill, and after the groupe of thirteen will go out to dinner. Eirin is making banana pancakes right now so this is Lena writing. Hellooo!!

February 5, 2015

Dumela! (Hello)

Today was moving day. For the next week we have upgraded to a to floor apartment and a swimming pool. With extra pressure on the swimming pool. I love it, even though the water is quite dirty. Mmm. The refridgerator is also upgraded, so now we actually have a place to store our vegetables. I made my own dinner tonight. Yey! I'm not saying that eating out isn't nice, but with so many allergies, I have gotten the last two years, it's much more easy (and cheaper) to make my own food. The only thing we miss now are a fifth duvey and a pillow - that was clearly hard to obtain...

I'm still not sunburned, I've started to get a little tan, and the insects have also been quite nice to me. Except for one spider the first night, who gave me two lovely red purpleish circles, one about ten centimeter in diameter, on my right leg.

Last night all thirtheen of us had a braai (bbq) in the garden of the guest house we left. And I'm not surprised if the monkeys in the garden this morning found our leftovers.

Todays Henriette: "Google translate doesn't even have setswana. Stupid google."