March 18, 2014

'Welcome to Riga!'

We arrived at the hostel around half past one yesterday, and it only took an hour before we went off to our first bar. The reception brought us to two bars serving us our first drinks of the day. The only answer we got when we asked: 'Why so early?' Was: 'Welcome to Riga!' We had a great evening out and some of us even tasted the famous Riga Balzam, and its nothing I would recommand, but when in Latvia, you have to try it. We celebrated a St. Patricks day worthy, with guinness hats and lots of beer.

Today we have been learning about Latvias defence politics and policy, and heard a representant of the Latvian Atlantic Treaty Organisations thoughts about whats happening in Ukraine and at the Crimea peninsula. Extremly interesting to get the view from people living in a former member state of the Soviet Union.

A big plate of wok was todays, before we headed for a guided tour around the city.
  An old orthodox church and also a former planetarium.
 Even and me.
 House of the Blackheads.
The Statue of Liberty (?). Me and Mon.

Now, some people are playing paintball, and when they come back we'll head back out again. Tomorrow Monika and I have booked a Spa day in a city by the shore, named Jurmala - one of Putins favorite cities. That is going to be so nice.