March 16, 2014

So little time, so much to do

I've been miss Busy the last few weeks. There has been great, and not so great, birthday parties to attend, where some included dancing, laughter and good drinks all through the night. I've taken procastination, when it comes to my school work, to a higher level, which is really not good (smack on fingers!), so I've ended up having chaotic days without structure. I call it the 'not-satisfied-with-university'-syndrome. I've gotten A JOB! - thanks to the greatest almost-neighbour in the world. The swimming pool at the uni has become my best friend - taking care of my sore shoulders, and the hospital and my doctor has become the people I talk the most to. The best thing I did the last period was going to Holmenkollen for the World Cup. Me, and about ten other people partied outdoor in winter clothes, had a bonfire under the stars, slept in a Sami tent and watched Martin Johnsrud Sundby speed past us the following day. AMAZING!

Have you ever seen happier kids? Yes, Axel. You're now a blog celebrity. My pleasure.

I'm going to Riga tomorrow (no Kiev, of obvious reasons), and it's going to be a great one! Stay tuned in at my blog, and I'll promise you will get some updates the following days. I'm staying for a week, and I will post something everyday, as long as my travel-SAM cooperates. He has agreed on doing that, and we've prepared us by running a long time scan and some fix up programmes. So fingers crossed, and heyo, tomorrow we'll go!

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  1. Så gøy! Og SJÆL - det er ikke en eneste dag i mars det ikke har stått noe sosialt på planen enda, mest fint, men aboslutt også litt slitsomt :p Du får ha en helt fantastisk tur! :D