February 2, 2014

While travelling

The things I like doing best while travelling, is to walk around in unknown streets breathing the air of the unknown, talking to some strangers - maybe the spice shop lady, random people out walking on the streets or fellow backpackers I meet at hostels. I like listening to the sounds of the new country, trying different dishes without knowing what is is going to taste like, and to just feel the vibe of the country I'm in. Exploring a countrys non-touristy `tracks` all by myself is the best. I'm not saying that walking The Great Wall of China and seeing Taj Mahal was something I wouldn't have done if I could chose over again, because those two places were breathtaking, I'm just trying to put down in words that the best travel experiences are those you get when you do something you usually wouldn't have done. Take your precautions, but don't follow the guide book all the time. Just walk around - and you will always bump into something. It may open your eyes more.

^ having dinner in a Sikh temple, Delhi. 
\/ Visiting the village of TordiGahr, India
where only 600 people live.

- What do you think is the best part of travelling?

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  1. Du gir meg så reiselyst! Jeg er enig - det beste med å reise synes jeg er å oppleve andres kultur og væremåte, musikken de hører på, og alt mulig sånt :) også synes jeg det er litt greit at det pleier å være varmere og litt mer sol enn i Norge da, det må jeg jo si!