January 31, 2014

FoodFriday vol. 9: Spanish cutlet, hot!

FoodFriday is a concept where I post new dishes every friday. First of all to make myself do something more interesting for dinner once in a while. But also to inspire you to to cook something new.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I've been focusing on recovering from every single bacteria I've had in my body. Ah. That sounds much more gross than I intended. Sorry peeps.

Back to business! In todays FoodFriday post you will learn how to cook the most delicious cutlets you've ever tried. Promise! I haven't even taken the dishes yet - I'm just sitting here doing nothing but drinking the rest of my glass of wine.

This recipe is for one person.
You need: 
1 Lamb cutlet
1 table spoon of food oil(e.g., soy, canola)
1 clove of garlic
6 cm of green squash
2/5 Red pepper
1/5 Yellow pepper
1/4 red chili with seeds
0,4 dl White wine - ask in the liquor store which one suits your meal!
(I used an Italian Masi Masianco, 13%, recommended by the lady at the tax free shop. She did a good choice.)

How to:
1. Fry the cutlet quickly on both sides at high temperature and add salt and pepper. Put it aside and keep it warm(just let it rest between to plates).
2. Chop peppers and squash into pieces of the same size, and chop garlic and chili nicely. Fry it quickly at high temperature all in the pan together with white wine.
3. Turn down the heat and put the cutlet back in the frying pan on top of the vegetables. Put a lid on and let it braise for about ten minutes.
4. Serve together with slices of bread.

Buen provecho!
(and if you want to watch a nice movie, while sipping to your glass of wine, watch Imagine you and me).

Inspiration: Matprat - Spanish cutlets

Some of you may have wondered, why doesn't she use milk, butter or cream in anything she makes. And as some of you may have guessed; I'm allergic to milk products. Every milkprotein, milk powder thingy makes me sick. Even soya products are no go. When I need milk for my cereals I use oat milk, and on my slices of bread I use butter without any milk. I discovered my allergy about a year ago. It took me a long time to find good alternatives, but at least there are some.

The one thing I miss the most is freshly baked chocolate cake served with a glass of cold cow milk. And of course Norwegian milk chocolate. If you ever come to Norway - have some Freia.

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  1. Fortsatt god bedring! Denne maten ser supergod ut, og jeg har faktisk mange av ingrediensene i kjøleskapet, men jeg er veldig skeptisk til lam da (vi spiste aldri det hjemme).. hm, alternativer? Eller funker det bare med lam? Det er ikke for å være vrang altså, kanskje jeg burde prøve lam.. hm..

    ååh, stakkaras deg :(
    hilsen Sigrid som eeeelsker melk.

    1. Takk! :)
      Du kan fint krydre kylling og bruke det istedenfor :) Blir skikkelig saftig! :)