January 5, 2014


2013 was for me a year with a lot. A lot of new people. A lot of experiences. A lot of hugs, a lot of friends, both new and old. A lot of  FOOD, and least, but not last, a lot of feelings. My emotional life has never experienced such a roller coaster ride before. I loved a big part of it, but I'm also glad it's over.

I've been travelling South Africa, India, China and Hungary. Most of it has been great, but there has also been some downturns. In SA I landed with a high fever, and almost didn't get on my next plane to Cape Town, since I wasn't allowed to go through the security check with such a high temp.  My shin splints gave me a rough time both in India and China. And in the middle of my China trip I just wanted to go home. I hadn't felt that bad in a long time. My guide told me that my yin and yang wasn't in balance. As if that cured me. 

Except for all that crap, I saw, experienced and learned so much more than I ever could have imagined. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to do what I did and I'm thankful for all the great people I met during my travels.

Remember: the world is to beautiful for you to be afraid of travelling in it. 
Those who do not travel read only a page.

Back in my mother country I've had the opportunity to work as a teacher, I've found MY friends, and I got in at the study I wanted to - International Studies at the Uni. of Oslo. The last mentioned will change during the next year.

All in all I've had a great year - and I sure would do it again. Just a little bit healthtier this time. And I will sure try to stay more with my family - somehow it's hard combining family and world travels.

There are links throughout this blogspost, so feel free to travel around on my page. Some of the older posts will be in Norwegian, but I'm sure you all know Mr. Google Translate.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Playing Holi festival in Tordigarh, India

Having sausages for breakfast with the greatest of the greatest, Julia, V&A Waterkant, CT, SA

Helicopter tour over Cape Town and Muizenberg

Working with Grade 3B at Belthorn Primary School

Spent a weekend right in the middle of nowhere/Norway with the best group of people.

Spåtind, Norway

Going to His Majesty The Kings Guard prom for the second time with one of my best mates.
It was amazing

Living for five days in Hungary doing nothing but laugh, eat, drink, play. - It's the same group I went on the cabin trip with. FYI.

Partying - both on Long Street and back home in Norway together with new fellow students.

Having half of the beautiful people, living in the same room as me in the military,  in my hometown for a visit.
The boat you see behind me is actually the worlds oldest mean of transport in continous duty. Older than the famous San Fransisco tram. Kristiansund.

Xi'an - the Terracotta Warriors.

The feeling of watching a music and water show right in the middle of the busiest and most noisy China is one of the feelings I'll remember the strongest. After four night trains of minimum sixteen! hours each, nothing is as relaxing as classical music. Xi'an.

Shangai - the one and only China love. 

Shopping in Shanghai. Here posing with a chinese tourist. They're everywhere!

I'm lying. I also like Beijing a bit.

The Great Wall of China. Part Mutianyu.

(c) All pictures belong to me.

Have a great 2014! Happy birthday blog.
I will do my best to make my memorable in a good way.

And if you have read this far, give me one or two things you would like me to write more about. Thank you!


  1. Det er ikke så farlig for meg hva du skriver, men jeg blir veldig glad bare du skriver..noe :) Jeg skulle ønske mitt år hadde vært så innholdsrikt, men samtidig ser jeg jo at det ikke bare har vært 100 % gøy. Også blir jeg jo veldig nysgjerrig da - hva er det du skal studere videre?

    Og jeg er veldig med på å trene sammen (og det kan være hva som helst altså, ps: jeg er ikke supersprek)! Jeg sender deg en mail jeg, også kan du legge meg til på facebook, så blir alt litt lettere :D

  2. Yesss! Jeg er med på et bilde :D heheh <3

    1. ÅH - om det gikk an å trykke liker på bloggkommentarer du!

  3. Ååå! Salsa er gøy, du burde prøve det ;)
    ÅÅ! så mye gøy du har vært med på da! Hallo liksom! Asia og Afrika! EXCITING! Ser ut som en fabelaktig fin tur!

  4. Wow, for et innholdsrikt år! Ble jo nesten misunnelig her jeg sitter :)

  5. Ser ut som du har hatt et veldig fint 2013 år da! Mye spennende du har opplevd :-)