March 19, 2014

Jurmala / Gurimalla

Me and Mon took the train to the city of Jurmala today. It was a great trip! Indian and thai for dinner, laughter, spa (more to come), cats, strangelooking old houses, and a good walk by the sea - which I have longed for a very long time now. It's hard for a kid who grew up on an island to now live in a big city with no real coast line (nope, the Oslo fjord doesn't count.)

More about SPA and everything in two days. Tomorrow we're  going by bus to Cesic town!

March 18, 2014

'Welcome to Riga!'

We arrived at the hostel around half past one yesterday, and it only took an hour before we went off to our first bar. The reception brought us to two bars serving us our first drinks of the day. The only answer we got when we asked: 'Why so early?' Was: 'Welcome to Riga!' We had a great evening out and some of us even tasted the famous Riga Balzam, and its nothing I would recommand, but when in Latvia, you have to try it. We celebrated a St. Patricks day worthy, with guinness hats and lots of beer.

Today we have been learning about Latvias defence politics and policy, and heard a representant of the Latvian Atlantic Treaty Organisations thoughts about whats happening in Ukraine and at the Crimea peninsula. Extremly interesting to get the view from people living in a former member state of the Soviet Union.

A big plate of wok was todays, before we headed for a guided tour around the city.
  An old orthodox church and also a former planetarium.
 Even and me.
 House of the Blackheads.
The Statue of Liberty (?). Me and Mon.

Now, some people are playing paintball, and when they come back we'll head back out again. Tomorrow Monika and I have booked a Spa day in a city by the shore, named Jurmala - one of Putins favorite cities. That is going to be so nice. 

March 16, 2014

So little time, so much to do

I've been miss Busy the last few weeks. There has been great, and not so great, birthday parties to attend, where some included dancing, laughter and good drinks all through the night. I've taken procastination, when it comes to my school work, to a higher level, which is really not good (smack on fingers!), so I've ended up having chaotic days without structure. I call it the 'not-satisfied-with-university'-syndrome. I've gotten A JOB! - thanks to the greatest almost-neighbour in the world. The swimming pool at the uni has become my best friend - taking care of my sore shoulders, and the hospital and my doctor has become the people I talk the most to. The best thing I did the last period was going to Holmenkollen for the World Cup. Me, and about ten other people partied outdoor in winter clothes, had a bonfire under the stars, slept in a Sami tent and watched Martin Johnsrud Sundby speed past us the following day. AMAZING!

Have you ever seen happier kids? Yes, Axel. You're now a blog celebrity. My pleasure.

I'm going to Riga tomorrow (no Kiev, of obvious reasons), and it's going to be a great one! Stay tuned in at my blog, and I'll promise you will get some updates the following days. I'm staying for a week, and I will post something everyday, as long as my travel-SAM cooperates. He has agreed on doing that, and we've prepared us by running a long time scan and some fix up programmes. So fingers crossed, and heyo, tomorrow we'll go!

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February 26, 2014

Ch-ch-Changes (Thank Shrek for the title)

I'm changing the blog layout. So if things aren't the way they are supposed to be, you know why.
Haven't done html or css in a few years, so this can be interesting. And not in a good way.

February 23, 2014


They say home is a place you can choose to be so I've decided to carry home inside of me. - Moddi

Photos: me (c) unedited.

- Which one did you like the most?

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February 12, 2014

K k k k-town*

I went home to see my parents, to celebrate Mothers (haha, I just wrote moms day - time for sleep, ey?) day, and to take a walk by the sea this weekend. Look at the view! Amazing, right? Didn't tell anyone exept my familiy that I was returning home. I just spent the entire weekend on the couch eating cakes and laughing with my family.

*A fish called Wanda: "I'm gonna kkkkk kill you!"

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February 7, 2014

Food Friday vol. 10: All fishy!

FoodFriday is a concept where I post new dishes every friday. First of all to make myself do something more interesting for dinner once in a while. But also to inspire you to to cook something new.

Todays: Salmon with vegetables and dried chili
Salmon cutlet
Dried chili
Butter (to topped tea spoons for each cutlet)
(Rice / potatoes)

How to?
Add as much as you would like of everything, in the same order as the ingredients are listed.
Wrap it in aluminium foil and grill it in the oven at 200 degrees for about 20-25 minutes.
Serve with rice and/or potatoes. 
Easy peasy.
Please allow yourself some delicious waffles with raspberry jam for dessert.

In March this blog will turn into a travel blog again. I'm going to Kiev for seven days with fellow students!
Hopefully things have stabilized until then. #readthenews #eatawaffle

February 2, 2014

While travelling

The things I like doing best while travelling, is to walk around in unknown streets breathing the air of the unknown, talking to some strangers - maybe the spice shop lady, random people out walking on the streets or fellow backpackers I meet at hostels. I like listening to the sounds of the new country, trying different dishes without knowing what is is going to taste like, and to just feel the vibe of the country I'm in. Exploring a countrys non-touristy `tracks` all by myself is the best. I'm not saying that walking The Great Wall of China and seeing Taj Mahal was something I wouldn't have done if I could chose over again, because those two places were breathtaking, I'm just trying to put down in words that the best travel experiences are those you get when you do something you usually wouldn't have done. Take your precautions, but don't follow the guide book all the time. Just walk around - and you will always bump into something. It may open your eyes more.

^ having dinner in a Sikh temple, Delhi. 
\/ Visiting the village of TordiGahr, India
where only 600 people live.

- What do you think is the best part of travelling?

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January 31, 2014

FoodFriday vol. 9: Spanish cutlet, hot!

FoodFriday is a concept where I post new dishes every friday. First of all to make myself do something more interesting for dinner once in a while. But also to inspire you to to cook something new.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I've been focusing on recovering from every single bacteria I've had in my body. Ah. That sounds much more gross than I intended. Sorry peeps.

Back to business! In todays FoodFriday post you will learn how to cook the most delicious cutlets you've ever tried. Promise! I haven't even taken the dishes yet - I'm just sitting here doing nothing but drinking the rest of my glass of wine.

This recipe is for one person.
You need: 
1 Lamb cutlet
1 table spoon of food oil(e.g., soy, canola)
1 clove of garlic
6 cm of green squash
2/5 Red pepper
1/5 Yellow pepper
1/4 red chili with seeds
0,4 dl White wine - ask in the liquor store which one suits your meal!
(I used an Italian Masi Masianco, 13%, recommended by the lady at the tax free shop. She did a good choice.)

How to:
1. Fry the cutlet quickly on both sides at high temperature and add salt and pepper. Put it aside and keep it warm(just let it rest between to plates).
2. Chop peppers and squash into pieces of the same size, and chop garlic and chili nicely. Fry it quickly at high temperature all in the pan together with white wine.
3. Turn down the heat and put the cutlet back in the frying pan on top of the vegetables. Put a lid on and let it braise for about ten minutes.
4. Serve together with slices of bread.

Buen provecho!
(and if you want to watch a nice movie, while sipping to your glass of wine, watch Imagine you and me).

Inspiration: Matprat - Spanish cutlets

Some of you may have wondered, why doesn't she use milk, butter or cream in anything she makes. And as some of you may have guessed; I'm allergic to milk products. Every milkprotein, milk powder thingy makes me sick. Even soya products are no go. When I need milk for my cereals I use oat milk, and on my slices of bread I use butter without any milk. I discovered my allergy about a year ago. It took me a long time to find good alternatives, but at least there are some.

The one thing I miss the most is freshly baked chocolate cake served with a glass of cold cow milk. And of course Norwegian milk chocolate. If you ever come to Norway - have some Freia.

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January 11, 2014

Recipe: Nasi Goreng

Recipe for yesterdays Nasi Goreng. Smile.

4 persons

3, 5 dl of long corn rice
2 chicken filéts or 300 gr pork filét
3,5 table spoon of olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
1,5 tea spoon of curry ( I would say use 1)
300 gr cabbage
1 green paprika
1 leek in dices
1 chopped chili
2 table spoons of chinese soy sauce
3 eggs
2 table spoons of chopped parsley

(It's also quite normal to add 150 grams of peeled shrimps, but I just skipped those, since I don't like them.)

How to:
Cook the rice as written on the package.
Fry the meat in butter at a high temperature.
Add vegetables, nicely chopped garlic and curry (not to much!)
Add soy sauce and let it stir for about five minutes.
Add the rice (and alternatively the shrimps).

Whip the eggs, and add parsley, salt and pepper.
Fry it in a pan on low temperature, roll it all together and make egg rolls you cut into strips and use it as garnish.

Bon appetit!

It looks so bad. Haha.

January 10, 2014

FoodFriday vol. 8

Back in Oslo and back on track.. hopefully.. tomorrow! Looking forward to go grocery shopping tomorrow. Always fun when I need a lot.

FoodFriday is a concept where I post new dishes every friday. First of all to make myself do something more interesting for dinner once in a while. But also to inspire you to to cook something new. I failed posting every friday during the exam period and Christmas, but I promise FoodFriday will be back in steady business from now on.

Eighth: Nasi Goreng
It's hard to make this dish look good on a plate, especially when you have the combination dying camera and old frying pans which doesn't allow you to keep the egg whole. I bought my Olympus at the age of fifteen and I think it's dying. It has been loyal to me all this years, but I think it's time for the camera to retire soon.

Back to the Nasi Goreng! This is an amazing dish, which I first tasted made by my friends dad. He makes the best! Will have to steal his recipe one day. My first try at this Indonese course wasn't that bad, but I will need to sharpen it up a bit. Add some more chili or something.

Stay easy on the curry - it is easy to use to much! As with everything you make in the kitchen: taste it during the making of it. (Recipe will be out in a new blog post tomorrow!)

Older foodfriday posts here:
First up! : Grilled BBQ ribs together with mixed salad and my favourite homemade thyme fries.
Second: Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce with peppers and champignon served with green salad.
Third: Wok with chicken, chili and oyster sauce. Yummy yummy in my tummy!
Fourth: Norwegian salmon with broccoli, carrots, potato.
Fifth: A really nice weekend dish: Marinated pork siroloin together with thyme potates and mixed salad. The smell of this platter makes my mouth water.
Sixth: Chicken and pasta salad with spanish chili and garlic oil. The chicken is marinated with oil and chicken spice, which includes a lot of chili. New and simple favourite.
My dinner was so boring today that I will post a dessert I made a few weeks ago instead. Melted honey dripped over pieces of green apple and banana served with chocolate ice cream and cinnamon.

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January 8, 2014