September 12, 2013


We are definitely not hungary anymore.
Hilsen Lars.

We have been guided through Budapest today, and it was such a beautiful city. Long streets with tall ornated brickhouses from the 1800hundreds, a lot of flowers, sculptures, the Donau river flowing through the town, and the gorgeous Buda Castle. (The last one filled with musicians who could play and musicians who definitely couldn't.)

Both the lunch and the dinner was a three course meal with wine, schnaps and anything else they could find in their shelfs which contained alcohol. Welcome to Hungary! (Alcohol was also the only thing our Swedish talking Hungarian guide talked about in the bus. That, and her love for Norwegian flat bread...)

Tomorrow we will play our first concert in the Harkány spa, with the audience sitting in the hot spring baths. Will be interesting. At least we can put our bikinis on afterwards and join them.

*Pésc - the small city we now live in.

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  1. haha, det med spa høres morsomt ut! Og du får alltid reiselysten i meg til å titte frem, altså... (: