September 19, 2013

Concert in Hárkany Spa

As said before, we were supposed to play a concert in Harkany Spa. We managed to unpack our instruments and play to pieces before the weather Gods decided to pee on us. Thankyouverymuch. /For letting us join the sixty/seventy year old ones with a "living-a-good-life-belly" in the spa. The Jacuzzi and hot springs were lovely! (No bikini pictures, sorry to disappoint you.)

Later on friday we went on guided tour volum 2, Pésc. Such a nice one! Cella Septichora (Unesco!), Pasha Qasims Mosque, and the stunning Basilika. The visit in Basilika was amazing. All those paintings, sculptures, frescos, and the organist playing Toccata Fuge for us in the main hall. Ohlala.
(I will have to add that we also sang down in the cellar hall. And a little while I was afraid of my concert band maybe choosing to sing a drinking song, at least we ended up singing a song which title is, directly translated into English, all the birds.

We ended the day with Palinka tasting at the farm of one of the richest men in Hungary. What a tour programme!

Under konserten ved de varme kildene ble jeg og Bernt enige om å lage et nytt barneeventyr: Sagaen om svovelfolket.

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  1. alle fuglene <3 og du, det går bra uten biknibilder altså, hestebildet og de andre bildene av opplevelsene er jo hundre ganger bedre :D