August 19, 2013

Hasta la vista!

I'm a student now. And I really do enjoy it so far. The last week has been filled with a lot of fun with my class mates and people who also study international studies. We have played garden games, danced into the night, had a bonfire and a quiz, and solved different tasks around in Oslo; among others a flash mob with a little bit of Biebers "Baby" on the roof of the opera house. Haha. 

I'm bringing a heavy stack of newly bought books, to the university tomorrow, for my first lesson.
And for the next semesters I don't have any space for a blog. So this is it. For now. If I do travel more, which I'm sure I will, I'll be back! (Going to Hungary already in september. And leaving for a year abroad in a year or two.)

Thank you all for joining me on my Asian and South-African adventure. It's been a pleasure. :-)


  1. Så fine bilder! og...what!? Null blogging? Men altså, jeg skjønner det - du er garantert nødt til å lese en del ;) Gleder meg til September da :)

  2. nei hallo, nå tillater tilogmed jeg meg til å skrive en kommentar!!! jeg vil jo vite hvordan du har det i oslo, og se bilder av alt det morsomme du finner på! utenom det du forteller selv.. fortsett å blogg bjutipus!