August 7, 2013

Easy as one two three, bon appetit!

One big Eirin portion. A viking portion as some of my friends would say...

Some fish of your own choice. (I prefer cod or salmon.) Fry it in oil in your wok.

Take the fish out of the wok, so it don't get dry.

Add the vegetables you want. And cook them until the carrot changes color(It should become more red).

(Add the "soft" vegetables like peppers, green beens etc. in the end.)

Add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, and as much oyster sauce you would like. (I use the same amount of o.s. as of soy s.)

Cook until the oyster sauce has "changed consistensy", add the fish, and when the fish is warm again - serve!

Bon appetit!

(Vegetables I used: Squash, carrots, cucumber, green beans, red peppers, broccoli.)

- Tempted to try?

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