July 14, 2013

Super Rugby: Stormers vs. Blue Bulls

Stormers vs. Blue Bulls @ Sahara Park Newlands with Connie (+2) yesterday.
We had decided quite early to cheer for Stormers.
But before the game began it was time for burgers and beer, backed up by the sound of the theme songs and other hits from the eighties.
We wanted to get our face painted with theme coloured stripes. So we found a group of guys that had had their face painted. They didn't have any paint with them, so they decided to rather rub their face against ours to maybe color off. Not very successful. Both ended up with a blueish cheek. Still happy.
The stadium was really packed (52 000!). People were singing, dancing, cheering, "booing", and we were doing high fives with randoms everytime the Stormers scored. And the wave with so many in the crowd - woah. Felt like an excited child again.
 Already early in the game it went our way.
But sometimes you could feel the tension from the field.
This is not a game for pussies. Look at those men. But it was a nice game. I enjoyed it.
 And hey! We WON! :D Well chosen team to support, Connie and Eirin. Thank you.

Foto: (C) EventyrEirin 2013

- Have you ever been to a rugby match?
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