July 25, 2013

My last day @ Belthorn

Was a strange at work today. Nice, but strange. I don't think it will feel like it was my last day until I'm back home in Norway. I started my last day with teaching mathematics, as we do every day, and then I just did some computer work for our main teachers, and finished off the second lesson with painting in the "virtues garden". The last lesson didn't even the kids want me in the classroom since they made goodbye-letters for me. So me and my co-worker, Jonas, ended talking a walk around the school area to take some pictures. In the last intervall break I played with the kids outside for the last time, and I ended the day with a lot of hugs and kisses from the kids. I will really miss them. At least I've already seen that my teaching, and my rules, has already borne fruits. That's what I'm here for. I gave them one last thing before I left, and they really cheered and showed that they appreciated the books and the worlds contintent map I had bought for them. So eager to learn(at least sometimes) - within ten minutes five kids already sat quietly on their chairs reading. And the world map - I was almost pushed against the board with it in my hands.

Tomorrow I'll be a happy tourist for one last time, and then I'll just spend the rest of the weekend in the house with the little devil, my wonderful host family, and my big big BIG backpack. And on sunday, it's time to board the airplane and head of to Norway. 

7 weeks down - 4 days to go. 

I'm already missing my busy kids.

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