July 29, 2013

Hello Gardermoen!

I'm on my way back. It feels so weird. I don't think I will understand that I'm on my way back home before I stand in my hallway, in my Norwegian familys house. I say my Norwegian family because I also left a family yesterday; My South African family. A family where I found a little sister who loved to watch movies together with me and allowed me to use her as my make up doll, she also has the loveliest voice, a cousin who could irritate the crap out of me and at the same time make me laugh so hard that I couldn't breathe, a host aunt who made the best lunch boxes and told us funny stories at the supper table, a host brother who let me join him and his friends for a nice braai including drinks and a lot of laughter, a host dad who is such a clever man, who easily joined me at the stoop in the sun for a nice conversation, and a host mother who was like a mother to me - I could come and talk to her no matter what. I missed them already from the last goodbye kiss at the stoop, and I will also miss, and I already miss, the volunteers I shared host family, adventures, and project with; Evelyne, Julia, Connie, Sophie, Tanya, Camilla, Laura, Birke, and Jonas.
Thanks to you all for making my stay in South Africa so much more than I could have dreamed of. I had a blast! Love you all. And I'm sure we'll meet again. And little devil - I love you too. Stay cute, and don't eat your family out of the house.

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  1. Velkommen hjem :) venner og erfaringer for livet! :)