July 24, 2013

Garage Christmas Dinner

We had dinner at Jonas' host family today. And it looked like they celebrated Christmas outside in their garage. Inside the house was very pretty - and warm. They had lit the fire.

(Look at the view in front of me and Birke - 1000 Rand question!:what do we look at every morning?.)

The dinner was delicious, and if you look for something good to drink, choose Iron Brew at the store next time. Tastes like a mix between coke and Norwegian Christmas soda. Winwin!

It was a busy day at the project today (Primary school, grade 3). I've got a cold, so my head doesn't function properly, and the kids definitely had sugar for breakfast and lunch today. Oh my word

Tomorrow is my last day. Feels so weird. A part of me wants to stay for a longer time, and another part of me is looking forward to hug my own mum and dad when I get home to Norway on monday.

- Any questions?

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