July 31, 2013

I'm moving out!

Fredag så flytter jeg ut en gang for alle. Leilighet, delt med fem andre studenter, i en gammel Oslo-bygård, er neste stopp! Æ glær mæ!

Pakkinga fikk en stopp tho, da jeg skulle opp på loftet og hente ned det jeg har av gryter, vaffeljern, vannkaraffel, og alt slikt man samler gjennom bursdager oppgjennom. For oppe på loftet fant jeg bestemors gamle vinterdress. SE på den! Som tatt rett ut fra Fjolls til fjells.
I'm moving out of my family home this friday. My next home will be an apartment in an old Oslo-building, shared with five other university students. I'm so looking forward to it!

When I was looking after my kitchen equipment in the attic I found my grandmas old winter clothing. It was worthy a photo. Look at it. Straight from the eighties!

- What do you think?
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Cape Agulhas

Where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet. The southernmost tip of Africa. One of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. It was truly breathtaking. Yes, I could live there.

Good girls from left to right: Sophie (Austria), Tanya (Canada), me, Constanze (Germany), and Camilla (Denmark). All people who enjoys travelling as much as I do. So no wonder we did fit good together. 

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Nike Commercial

A new Nike Commercial, coming on tv the fifteenth of August, starring me and Danish Camilla.

(oh, the irony.)

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July 29, 2013

Hello Gardermoen!

I'm on my way back. It feels so weird. I don't think I will understand that I'm on my way back home before I stand in my hallway, in my Norwegian familys house. I say my Norwegian family because I also left a family yesterday; My South African family. A family where I found a little sister who loved to watch movies together with me and allowed me to use her as my make up doll, she also has the loveliest voice, a cousin who could irritate the crap out of me and at the same time make me laugh so hard that I couldn't breathe, a host aunt who made the best lunch boxes and told us funny stories at the supper table, a host brother who let me join him and his friends for a nice braai including drinks and a lot of laughter, a host dad who is such a clever man, who easily joined me at the stoop in the sun for a nice conversation, and a host mother who was like a mother to me - I could come and talk to her no matter what. I missed them already from the last goodbye kiss at the stoop, and I will also miss, and I already miss, the volunteers I shared host family, adventures, and project with; Evelyne, Julia, Connie, Sophie, Tanya, Camilla, Laura, Birke, and Jonas.
Thanks to you all for making my stay in South Africa so much more than I could have dreamed of. I had a blast! Love you all. And I'm sure we'll meet again. And little devil - I love you too. Stay cute, and don't eat your family out of the house.

July 27, 2013

Bo Kaap

What is Bo-Kaap? 
It is a multicultural area, tucked safely into the fold of Signal Hill. Use the cobble stoned streets as your guide and you will be lead into a lively suburb filled with brightly colored houses from the nineteenth and seventeenth century, Muslim saints shrines and many beautiful Mosques including the first established Muslim Mosque in South Africa.
The residents of Bo-Kaap are mostly descended from slaves who were imported to the Cape by the Dutch during the the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. They reigned from Africa, Indonesia, Java Malaysia, and elsewhere in Asia. They were known as “Cape Malays”, which is an incorrect term as most of BoKaap’s residents are not entirely of Malaysian descent..
Source: http://bokaap.co.za/history/

Photos: copyright / Eirin and Jonas 2013

July 25, 2013

My last day @ Belthorn

Was a strange at work today. Nice, but strange. I don't think it will feel like it was my last day until I'm back home in Norway. I started my last day with teaching mathematics, as we do every day, and then I just did some computer work for our main teachers, and finished off the second lesson with painting in the "virtues garden". The last lesson didn't even the kids want me in the classroom since they made goodbye-letters for me. So me and my co-worker, Jonas, ended talking a walk around the school area to take some pictures. In the last intervall break I played with the kids outside for the last time, and I ended the day with a lot of hugs and kisses from the kids. I will really miss them. At least I've already seen that my teaching, and my rules, has already borne fruits. That's what I'm here for. I gave them one last thing before I left, and they really cheered and showed that they appreciated the books and the worlds contintent map I had bought for them. So eager to learn(at least sometimes) - within ten minutes five kids already sat quietly on their chairs reading. And the world map - I was almost pushed against the board with it in my hands.

Tomorrow I'll be a happy tourist for one last time, and then I'll just spend the rest of the weekend in the house with the little devil, my wonderful host family, and my big big BIG backpack. And on sunday, it's time to board the airplane and head of to Norway. 

7 weeks down - 4 days to go. 

I'm already missing my busy kids.

July 24, 2013

Garage Christmas Dinner

We had dinner at Jonas' host family today. And it looked like they celebrated Christmas outside in their garage. Inside the house was very pretty - and warm. They had lit the fire.

(Look at the view in front of me and Birke - 1000 Rand question!:what do we look at every morning?.)

The dinner was delicious, and if you look for something good to drink, choose Iron Brew at the store next time. Tastes like a mix between coke and Norwegian Christmas soda. Winwin!

It was a busy day at the project today (Primary school, grade 3). I've got a cold, so my head doesn't function properly, and the kids definitely had sugar for breakfast and lunch today. Oh my word

Tomorrow is my last day. Feels so weird. A part of me wants to stay for a longer time, and another part of me is looking forward to hug my own mum and dad when I get home to Norway on monday.

- Any questions?

July 23, 2013

Germany and Madiba

Mye har skjedd siden sist vi snakket sammen, som vanlig. Jeg tilbringer ikke mitt Sør-Afrikanske liv sittende på ræva. (Jeg har ikke hatt muligheten til å snakke med dere siden internettet har jobbet veldig hardt. Med andre ord: vært nærmest ikke-eksisterende.) Men nå er jeg forhåpentligvis back on track - og tiden vil vise om det er mulig å laste opp bilder eller ikke.
Since we talked together the last time, a lot has happened, as usual. I don't spend my South African life on my bum. (I haven't been able to talk to you, because the internet has been working very hard. In other words: almost been none existing.) But now I'm hopefully back on track. The time will show if I'm able to upload some pictures.

Jeg har fått nye romkamerater, to søte, tyske jenter, og på skolen deler jeg nå klassen min med en annen tysk frivillig, Jonas.Det er godt å ha andre frivillige å dele en kopp te(!- jeg drikker te nå) og lærer-imitasjoner med.
Sist fredag nå dro vi inn til Cape Town for å leke turister nok en gang - og å feste på Long Street. Blir ikke lei av Bobs Bar og The Dubliner. Vi har også feira Rolihlahla Madibas bursdag på Belthorn Primary - og det var ganske så kult. Ikke hver dag du feirer en Nobels fredsprisvinner  og verdenshelt i hans hjemland.
I have gotten new roomies, two lovely german girls, and at school I'm now sharing my class with another german volunteer, Jonas. It's nice to finally have some volunteers to share a cup of tea and teacher imitations with.
Last friday the four of us went in to Cape Town for some more of the touristy stuff, and we also went partying on Long Street. We have also celebrated Rolihlahla Madibas birthday at Belthorn Primary, and that was pretty awesome. It's not every day you celebrate a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and world hero, in his home country.

Me and the Germans ready for Long Street.
 Volunteers pretending to be tourists at the Waterfront.
 Me and the now ninetyfive-year-old Mandela.

Pictures uploaded - yippi!

- Hva ønsker dere å høre mer om fra Sør-Afrika?
- Is there something special from my South African life you would like to hear more about?

July 22, 2013

22. of July

Utdrag fra en tekst jeg skrev etter den tragiske hendelsen for to år siden, som ALDRI burde ha funnet sted.

"Det er nå vi må fortsette å stå sammen, vise kjærlighet og styrke samholdet oss nordmenn imellom. Det er også viktig å huske på at dette kommer til å gjøre vondt i lang tid. Spesielt for de som har opplevd dramatikken på nært hold. Derfor må vi huske at de ikke bare trenger oss nå, men også resten av livet.  Det er aldri for tidlig eller for sent å vise omtanke. Den klemmen du gir i morgen kan, og bør, gjentas også igjen om ei uke og om ett halvår, og året etter det igjen and so on. For de sårene de som var der og de som har mistet noen har fått, de kommer til å blekne, men aldri gro."

Du finner resten av innlegget her - Kjære alle sammen. Jeg anbefaler også alle til å lese denne artikkelen som dagbladet.no har kommet med: http://www.dagbladet.no/2013/07/22/nyheter/samfunn/innenriks/auf/22_juli/28072199/

An excerpt from a text I wrote on my military blog. Written a few days after the big tragedy in Norway for two years ago.

July 14, 2013

At Waterfront with the ladies

At twelve o'clock today my host sister came and woke me up. I was so far into dream land. Oh my word. I joined the ladies - my host mum, aunt and sister, for a day at the Waterfront. So nice. We had lunch together, enjoyed the marimba music, and ate ice cream strolling along the harbour. Back home I played with the little devil - I'll introduce you to her later.

My beautiful host aunt and me having lunch at the Spur. The Spur is a big thing down here.
Ferris Wheel at the V&A Waterfront.

Asics starring the little devil. 

-SPM: Mine fine norske lesere: Er det greit for dere at noen innlegg er fullstendig skrevet på engelsk? Eller ønsker dere at jeg alltid skriver på begge språk?

Super Rugby: Stormers vs. Blue Bulls

Stormers vs. Blue Bulls @ Sahara Park Newlands with Connie (+2) yesterday.
We had decided quite early to cheer for Stormers.
But before the game began it was time for burgers and beer, backed up by the sound of the theme songs and other hits from the eighties.
We wanted to get our face painted with theme coloured stripes. So we found a group of guys that had had their face painted. They didn't have any paint with them, so they decided to rather rub their face against ours to maybe color off. Not very successful. Both ended up with a blueish cheek. Still happy.
The stadium was really packed (52 000!). People were singing, dancing, cheering, "booing", and we were doing high fives with randoms everytime the Stormers scored. And the wave with so many in the crowd - woah. Felt like an excited child again.
 Already early in the game it went our way.
But sometimes you could feel the tension from the field.
This is not a game for pussies. Look at those men. But it was a nice game. I enjoyed it.
 And hey! We WON! :D Well chosen team to support, Connie and Eirin. Thank you.

Foto: (C) EventyrEirin 2013

- Have you ever been to a rugby match?
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