February 26, 2015

Somewhat normal?

Sometimes I feel like living in Mochudi is a real test of my patience.

Today I got up. I then walked a few kilometers with Henri and Ingvill.

Then I ate some banana pancakes with apple and pear.

Me and Lena held an interview, which went completely fine.

After the interview I had some banana pancakes with mabele in the mix.

Henri, Ingvill and me bought ice cream.

I sewed my dress and ate chicken for dinner.

We, the people in "the white house", watched a movie. The first one since I got here. And I cried.

Before I went to bed I had some more pancakes - also included rice flour this time.

And it goes on and on and on.

February 25, 2015

"You are not truly friends until you have gone poop-hunting together."

Ancient Norwegian adige:

"You are not truly friends until you have gone poop hunting together."

Signed Garrett.

This saturday a few of us drove out on adventure. We needed to get out of the house. We packed food, a ukulele, chairs and some good mood, we found the dam we were searching for, and there was almost also a small lake. It was all so quiet, the only thing you could hear were the cows, the waders down by the lake, and the burning cowpoop-fire we made. Dried cowpoop makes the best fire. I promise.

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February 24, 2015

Everything turns out well for good girls

Haha. We've been so lucky with our latest rides back home at evening time. Today we got home from Airport Junction getting a ride with one of the guys who waitered at one of the bars there. We wanted just to ask for a cab, but when they heard that we were heading back for Mochudi, they told us that it would be very expensive, so one of them offered to drive us instead. Go karma. I got a smoothie and fish_for_dinner (Botswana is all about cow's meat and not that supreme vegetables) so this was a mouthwatering dinner. Sooo satisfied.

I'll will also have to admit that I stayed in my bed until lunch time today. The only time I got up was when I made pancakes, which I, of course, brought back to bed to eat. What a day.
Tomorrow and the following days will be all about interviews and finishing our work at Stepping Stones (google it), before we head back to Gabs for one last night in Botswana thursdag next week.

February 22, 2015

Warreng? What's up? Skjer'a?

I did get sunburned today, but at least I have learned to keep my eyes closed when there are sandstorms at evening time. I sit out every night, just writing my diary, chatting with people back home on my computer or just chillin'. It's me, Ingvill, Garrett and the insects out on the stoop.

You should have seen how the largest cockroach speeded up when Ingvill sprayed insect spray on it. That I even blog about this shows you how little you can experience when the dark has arrived - and to be honest, there ain't much to see at daytime either. Maputo and Botswana most definitely has it's charm, but in my opinion there is something missing. In the afternoon here people at my age just stay out talking or making music. And in the weekend they drink. There are no outdoor activities offered. The one and only place where it actually is water it is forbidden to even row a boat.  I've talked to a university student here, which played softballl, but I believe that the team he plays for is located in Gabs. 

This picture was taken when we were waiting for the bus home from Airport Junction, a shopping centre about an hour away from Mochudi. These three university students just showed up, and we ended up taking a "private" combi together with one of them. The combi reached Mochudi on half the time the bus would have taken us.

Stupid, stupid girl

For some reason I didn't learn. My mom and my dad has taught me so well to stay out of the sun in the peak hours. I almost never get sunburned since I follow that rule - usually just on my nose, and in my face after the turkish hammam scrub, but today I definitely took the wrong decision when I layed down with an interesting book. The time just flew...

So yep.It's almost like art. I shouldn't even show you my bum.I am so stupid.

February 20, 2015

Sunny side of Mochudi

We expected a nice afternoon light to take pictures in, since the day had been so cloudy for once, but that didn't happen. The sun jumped out the exact same moment as we started to walk two days ago. So, this is it: The sunny side of Mochudi. My hometown for about twelve days more.

Q: How does my blog look like to you now? I'm trying to do something with this layout, but with the computer I travel with it's not easy to see how it actually turns out. Give me a heads up if there are some troubles or you have some good ideas.

February 18, 2015

This is how a sunburned girl looks like

And I even put on fifty twice.

And yeah - the nose: I crashed in to a tree the other day. The heat got me. I was too busy talking.